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Preventative Maintenance Special: Annual Agreement
Only $195 – Includes two services per year, discounted service fee, priority service and 10% discount on parts and repairs.
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Charleston’s HVAC Maintenance Pros

Preventative Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system is important to maintain its efficiency, keep utility costs low, lengthen the lifetime of the unit and helps avoid costly breakdown. Whether you're looking for a one-time tune-up of your system or are interested in our twice-a-year maintenance agreement, our friendly, knowledgeable technicians are ready to assist you.

Standard Package Includes the Following:

  • Check system operation
  • Check electrical operation
  • Check drain lines
  • Check indoor coil
  • Check outdoor coil
  • Check filters
  • Check all wiring and connections
  • Check electrical contacts
  • ​Monitor refrigerant levels
  • Amp draw on all motors
  • Amp draw on compressor
  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Clean outdoor coil
  • Remove debris from outdoor unit
  • Visual ductwork inspection
  • Check evaporator superheat

Why Routine Service?

  • Maintains high efficiency
  • Lengthens equipment life
  • Avoids costly breakdown
  • Keeps utility costs low

Additional Services

josh in the van
  • Attic insulation
  • Attic tents
  • Energy-efficient thermostat
  • Duct repair
  • Energy-efficient ventilation systems
  • Whole house media cleaner
  • ​Ultraviolet light treatment systems
  • Vapor barrier
  • Crawl space dehumidifier
  • Corrosion grenade
  • Surge protector