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Why Trane Products are the Top Choice for HVAC

The Trane Company is a world leader in the manufacture of heating, cooling, air cleaning, dehumidifying products, advanced building controls and parts and services for residential and commercial customers.

Trane Inc. is the first choice of design engineers, industrial plant managers, institutional facility managers and construction and environmental engineers.

Founded in 2007 with headquarters in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland, Trane Inc. holds the significant status as a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand and American Standard companies.

Why Charleston SC Heating & Air Chooses Trane Products

Charleston Heating & Air, a leader in HVAC, located at 2201 Mechanic Street, North Charleston, SC 29405, knows the importance of product quality and reliability for their customers.

After a decade of heating and air conditioning services for commercial and residential, Charleston Heating & Air Conditioning maintains a reputation for excellent customer service due in part to highest quality Trane products.

HVAC Services

Charleston Heating & Air features a broad range of services that include:

Building Relationships with Expert Staff

Charleston Heating & Air excellent services are a tribute to an experienced, highly trained staff.

To cover all customer needs from office, technical, installation and sales and service, Charleston Heating & Air has designed and developed a comprehensive team of HVAC experts, ready to serve a large client base. The hallmark of staff dependability is assurance of expert services and Trane products' highest quality.

Each team member is fully knowledgeable in HVAC and offers top professional guidance and consulting to commercial and residential customers.

When your technician arrives, HVAC systems are fully inspected and problems are quickly detected. The results of an inspection and identification of the problem is discussed with the client and a resolution is offered.

Cost-Effective, Timely Service and Repair

Charleston Heating & Air provides financing options when HVAC equipment needs to be replaced with Trane products.

Estimates on replacements are free and a $20 discount makes a first tune up attractive as an introduction to the company's "customer friendly" business.

Cost-effective, timely service and repair for commercial customers is important when industrial and commercial equipment needs to be restored to use quickly.

Larger HVAC systems for industrial use require in depth knowledge of this type of equipment which Charleston Heating & Air provides.

While the basic design of HVAC systems may be similar between commercial and residential equipment, it takes expertise and experience to understand the certain differences in industrial equipment with added features like air cleaners and industrial scrubbers that may share HVAC system fans and blowers.

Charleston Heating & Air is ready to serve. For more information, call today at: (843) 258-4694.