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What Will a Preventative Maintenance Plan Do for Me?

The HVAC system in your home is likely your most expensive appliance. It also provides the comfort you’ve come to rely on, which is why an annual maintenance contract with Charleston Heating + Air makes financial sense. These plans automate the servicing of your HVAC system at scheduled intervals.

Besides the convenience, the benefits of a maintenance plan are many. Scheduled maintenance means that your HVAC system will run as efficiently and dependable as possible. HVAC appliances need regular maintenance performed by you and an HVAC professional to run at their best. Because they’re exposed to a lot of household dust and the outdoor condenser is subject to weather 24/7, HVAC systems need more attention than other kinds of home appliances.

What’s Included in a Professional Maintenance Contract?

We at Charleston Heating + Air include these benefits in our annual service contracts:

• Two maintenance visits per year to ready your system for the heating and cooling seasons.
• Discounts on service calls after hours.
• A 10 percent discount on all parts and repairs.
• Priority scheduling.

Maintenance Benefits

Whether you heat with a heat pump or a furnace, you’ll have lower heating bills after one of our professionals goes through it. The technician will clean, adjust and tighten all the components, and check the combustion system if you use a gas heating system.

He will check the safety switches, the quality of the flame and adjust the gas to air ratio if necessary. Our technicians have tools to check for carbon monoxide in and around the furnace. We will make sure the chimney or vent stack is clear for thorough exhaust gas venting.

When we service a heat pump, we make sure that all the parts are functioning as they should and that the refrigerant level is within the manufacturer’s specifications. We’ll check on the condition of the coils inside and out. A clean evaporator coil inside the air handler and a condensing coil outdoors promote energy efficiency and better heat pump performance.

The work we perform on heat pumps also applies to your air conditioner in the summertime and it’s the same for your heat pump. Heat pumps and air conditioners are similar appliances, with the exception that a heat pump has a switch that lets it reverse the refrigerant flow from winter to summer.

Discounts and Priority Service

A 10 percent discount on repairs or upgrades could be worth the cost of the maintenance contract alone. Being given priority service when your equipment breaks down is a benefit hard to quantify. These systems tend to fail when they’re running most frequently, which is when the weather is either extremely cold or hot.

Knowing you’ll get timely service not only gives you peace of mind, but it also shortens the time you’ll be without the comfort your HVAC system supplies. It might save you the cost of a hotel if you decide not to tough it out. If you stay at home, your system will be serviced more quickly.

Bottom Line

To learn more about the benefits of a maintenance contract, contact Charleston Heating + Air (843) 258-4694