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Heat pumps are a popular choice for heating and cooling here in Charleston. These systems work by using electricity to pump warm air outside in the summer and drawing warm air inside in the winter, providing heating and cooling in one convenient unit.

If you have an existing heat pump that needs repairs or are interested in installing a new system, make sure you hire only the most qualified professionals in the area. Charleston Heating + Air has been trusted for more than a decade and can provide you with the prompt services you need to maintain the comfort of your home.

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5 Signs You Should Consider Heat Pump Replacement

1. An incredibly expensive repair - A formula our Charleston heat pump replacement experts use when determining to repair or replace your system is: If the (Cost of repair)x(Age of heat pump in years) is greater than the (Cost to replace your heat pump) then you should install a new unit.

2. Repair after repair - Another indication that you should consider a new heat pump is that your unit needs one repair after another. If you're even getting two repairs in one season, you should consider replacement.

3. Old age - On average, heat pumps last about 15 years so you should think twice before sinking more money into a dying unit if it's older.

4. Utility bills on the rise - One thing all HVAC units have in common is that they become less efficient over time. While your heat pump might be getting your indoor air temperature to the desired level, it may need more electricity to do so.

5. Loud sounds that repair can't fix - If even after repair, your heat pump is still making unusual noises then consult our Charleston heat pump replacement experts about a new unit because they're supposed to be quieter than traditional HVAC units.

Heat Pump Maintenance

When we service a heat pump, we make sure that all the parts are functioning as they should and that the refrigerant level is within the manufacturer’s specifications. We’ll check on the condition of the coils inside and out. A clean evaporator coil inside the air handler and a condensing coil outdoors promote energy efficiency and better heat pump performance.

Heat pumps and air conditioners are similar appliances, with the exception that a heat pump has a switch that lets it reverse the refrigerant flow from winter to summer.

As with all of our heating and cooling services, we're committed to quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction. Let our team provide you with the level of service you can expect from true industry professionals!

4 Benefits of A Geothermal Heat Pump

1. Quieter - When it comes to making a ton of noise, traditional HVAC units win the prize. Geothermal heat pumps are much quieter than their competition so if your HVAC system is on its last legs contact our Charleston heating and cooling experts about opting for a heat pump.

2. More energy efficient - The most appealing benefit to heat pumps is that their operation requires almost half the power of traditional HVAC units. These units transfer heat and cooling as opposed to creating it out of nothing which will save you money off your utility bill each month.

3. Works for both heating & AC - A geothermal heat pump works for both replacing your old heating unit and AC replacement. Not only will you save on installation costs for both units, but you'll save money off utilities as well.

4. Doesn't use oil or gas - Because there is no combustion necessary for geothermal heat pumps they don't pump out very dry heat or have the same potential for gas leaks. Not only is the indoor air environment better off but you're safer as well.

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