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At Charleston Heating + Air, we know that it is important to stay cool and comfortable, especially in your own home. You should never feel hot and sticky in your house during the summer, which is why we are proud to offer affordable, dependable air conditioning installation and replacement services in Charleston. We can address any concerns that you may have and work to fix the problem with minimal interference with your life. Our technicians are experienced, fully licensed, and insured, always working quickly to install or repair your home’s cooling system.

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Why Replace Your Air Conditioner?

During the summer months, your air conditioning unit may be running constantly, which is why it is vital to have an operational, cost-efficient AC in your home. Having a broken or outdated air conditioner or heat pump could be costing you your comfort and making a significant dent in your utility bill. New, updated cooling systems are not only more reliable, but they can also help lower your electric bills.

We recommend AC replacement if:

  • The unit is more than 15 years old - Exactly how long your unit lasts depends on how often you use it, your environment around the unit, and how much maintenace your unit has had. Usually AC units last 12-15 years so if it's older than that and breaking down contact our Charleston AC replacement specialists.
  • Warm air is constantly blowing from the system - First, check that your air filter isn't too dirty to obstruct the necessary airflow. If that's not the case, this could be a sign of a more complicated repair and if that still doesn't do the trick you might need AC replacement.
  • There is a sudden increase in your utility costs - As AC units age, they'll become less efficient over time. Because of that your AC unit will need more electricity to cool your indoor air environment to the desired temperature.
  • The demand for cooling has increased - If you're remodeling your home and adding square footage, make sure to consult our Charleston AC installation experts to upgrade your air conditioner unit as well.
  • The cost to repair the unit is more than the cost to replace it - Before any repair, make sure to find out both the cost of a the repair and the cost of a new unit so that you're not spending more than you have to fixing up a dying unit.
  • Your unit requireds R22 Freon - Because of the freon ban, while to coolant won't be illegal, the production of it will be. So if your unit required R22 Freon, it will become more expensive as it becomes more scarce, so consult our AC replacement technicians about getting a unit that uses a different coolant.

    If you choose to replace your air conditioner, Charleston Heating + Air can help. We will help determine what may be wrong with your original system and discuss what kind of new unit may be right for your home and your cooling needs. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we recommend only the best cooling systems. Once a new unit is selected, we will promptly install the system, so that you can enjoying the benefits as soon as possible.

    4 Benefits of A Geothermal Heat Pump

    1. Quieter - When it comes to making a ton of noise, traditional HVAC units win the prize. Geothermal heat pumps are much quieter than their competition so if your AC is on its last lags contact our Charleston AC replacement experts about opting for a heat pump.

    2. More energy efficient - The most appealing benefit to heat pumps is that their operation requires almost half the power of traditional HVAC units. These units transfer heat and cooling as opposed to creating it out of nothing which will save you money off your utility bill each month.

    3. Works for both heating & AC - A geothermal heat pump works for both replacing your old heating unit and AC replacement. Not only will you save on installation costs for both units, but you'll save money off utilities as well.

    4. Doesn't use oil or gas - Because there is no combustion necessary for geothermal heat pumps they don't pump out very dry heat or have the same potential for gas leaks. Not only is the indoor air environment better off but you're safer as well.

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    You should not have to worry about running your air conditioner in the summer. Our expert team at Charleston Heating + Air is always ready to help keep you cool. We will work with your budget and help save you time and energy. To keep your system cared for year-round, we offer a basic Preventative Maintenance Program to maintain your manufacturer's warranty and maximize the life expectancy of your heating and cooling system.

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