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Many people do not think about their HVAC system until a problem occurs. Your home’s AC should be reliable and ready to work when you need it, especially during the extreme seasons. At Charleston Heating + Air, our air conditioning specialists can provide you with preventative maintenance and regularly scheduled tune-ups. Our team also offers repairs and installations and a full range of products and services for all of your air conditioning needs.

How Often Should You Change Your AC Filter?

As an overall rule, the cheaper fiberglass AC filters should be changed after every 30 days, and the high-end pleated filters should be replaced every six months. However, it's more important to take into account how much work your filter is putting in. Some key factors that might require you to change your filter more often include:

  • Allergies and asthma: The Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America states that the quality of air that is indoors is just as significant as the air quality that is outdoors. A lot of pollution is found in outdoor air. What you might not know is that indoor air might be worse than outdoor air. An allergic or asthmatic person is naturally more sensitive to airborne particles. Hence, living with both types of people requires a more frequent change of air filters to ensure that they have access to quality air. The recommended time for an air filter change, in this case, is every six weeks.

  • Pets: Pets are lovely creatures to own. However, they tend to build up an odor after a period of time indoors. Additionally, pets can shed a lot during the change of seasons especially when winter turns to spring and summer turns to fall. You'll notice the amount of hair and grime your pets cause when you swap out the air filter. Thus, to keep your indoor air fresh, change your air filter at least after every two months.

  • Children: If you have children in your house, maintaining quality indoor air is just as critical as keeping the house clean. Hence, to ensure that your children live under the best home conditions, change your air filters at minimal intervals of every two to three months, and again, even sooner if any children are asthmatic.

If you use your air filter for a long period, it is likely to collect more dirt, allergens, and dust. These particles are usually trapped and clogged inside the filter. The result is a decrease in the efficiency of the air filter. Additionally, dirty, clogged air filters can cause malfunctions and damage to equipment. They also reduce the amount of air that is inside the HVAC system making the fans work harder. Hence, they wear out faster than intended. If the air filter is not capable of removing particulates and contaminants from the air effectively, it is all released back to your indoor air resulting in a buildup of pollutants in your duct. Another common effect of using clogged air filters is an increase in the use of home energy that in turn increases the electricity bills in your home.

Does your AC or furnace need a tune-up? Contact us to request an appointment!

Preventative Maintenance for Your AC

Scheduling a checkup for your heat pump or AC can help ensure that the entire system is working properly. Our specialists will look at both indoor and outdoor units, thermostat, electrical parts, refrigerant levels, and more.

Charleston Heating + Air’s comprehensive tune-ups include:

  • Check system operation
  • Check electrical operation
  • Check drain lines
  • Check indoor coil
  • Check filters
  • Check all wiring and connections
  • Check electrical contacts
  • Monitor refrigerant levels
  • Check Amp draw on all motors
  • Check Amp draw on all compressors
  • Check thermostat calibration

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When you work with our highly skilled air conditioning technicians, you will be working with certified, trained, and insured professionals. We offer a Preventative Maintenance Program to our customers to keep you comfortable.

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